Unlock Your Creativity with Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Send Credits & Unlimited Products on Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Telegram and Google Chat Platforms
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Chat Commerce Platform
Cost-saving on Platforms Integration
Limitless Multi-projects Creation

Important Notes: ContxChat allows you to connect your pages freely. But all the connected pages for your testing purpose will be reviewed by ContxChat according to the platform policies. ContxChat may not allow your connection in some cases of policy violations. ContxChat does not allow the pages that promote gambling, multi-level marketing, non-business, fake or scam pages as well as other categories of businesses that do not comply with the commerce policies of Facebook and Google.

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"You don't need to worry which email marketing platform you use, as ContxChat is able to connect a huge number of email marketing platforms directly that will SAVE you a ton of INTEGRATION COST" Check the integration list below 👇
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ContxChat Pro (Unlimited for Chat Marketing)
Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Auto-comment Campaigns, Unlimited Auto-reply, Unlimited Keyword Triggers, Unlimited Tags, Unlimited Custom Fields, Unlimited Team Members, +Direct Integration with Essential Platforms (Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Conversion API, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Google Chat, Google Sheets, SMS, Email, Website Chat, and more...)

Only 50000 Ks per month! (Pay every three months)
ContxChat Ecommerce (Unlimited for Ecommerce)
Everything in ContxChat Pro features plus Unlimited ContxChat Products, Unlimited Shopify Products Import, Unlimited WooCommerce Products Import, ContxChat Order System, Customized Checkout, Language Translation for Ecommerce Flows (Myanmar Supported), Payment Gateway in Myanmar Integration (Mobile Wallet, Mobile Banking, Cards) 

Only 70000 Ks per month! (Pay every three months)
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